Your One Life

The world is an amazing place and life is full of incredible possibilities.

Most of us don’t take time out from our busy and stressful lives to consider the life we actually want - the alternative to what we've allowed to evolve around us.
We may dream of becoming self-employed or building a business..
Or perhaps we wish for more time doing things that makes us feel alive: travel, family, adventure, creativity..
...or a thousand other ways we could spend our One Life.
But the days, weeks and years pass; and with them, life’s untapped possibilities.

I coach people to build the lives and businesses they want.

Why I coach

Professional Training & Approach

My coaching integrates philosophical, psychological and practical frameworks to help people achieve profound change in themselves, their work and their personal lives.

I trained as a Transformational Coach at the Animas Centre for Coaching (ICF accredited).
I give my clients a powerful space to think and talk about the things that are important in their life. We explore what it means to be them rather than the person they may feel they should be. For most of my clients it's pretty rare that someone truly listens to and cares about what they want to say. I accompany them in exploring thoughts, feelings, actions and dilemmas with a belief that each individual is capable of choosing what is right for them.

In my work with business owners (and future business owners), I draw on my own experience of running a business, and my understanding of business theory alongside lessons from the businesses I've worked with. This mentoring is useful but the most powerful part is my coaching which draws out the business owner's instincts, ideas and experience and supports them to find solutions that feel right for them and their business.
While a mentor shares can offer good generic advice, I help my clients to connect with their own unique ideas based on an intimate knowledge of their business and what will work best for them.

  • Professional Training: Animas Centre for Coaching (ICF accredited) & CPD Certificate in Relationship Coaching (Animas)
  • Business Experience: 10+ years in media, politics and business (Startups, SMEs, Corporate + the British Chambers of Commerce)
  • Academic Studies: BA (Hons), Durham University & MSc, University of Bristol

You & the people I work with

I work with people who care about how they live their life. They know or feel that life can be different depending on the choices they make. Sometimes this can be a scary feeling. I help them to think clearly about what they really want and how to get it. My coaching helps them to stay focused on their priorities, to work through difficult decisions and to understand and control their thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

My coaching offers time and space outside your normal routine to think about your life/ business, your goals and your buried dreams – the ones you discount because they seem too hard, risky or unrealistic.
I help you to make the most of NOW and avoid future regrets.

Many of my clients have particular goals, needs, challenges or emotions they want to work on. If this is you, I can help you through any barriers and indecision to understand the right way forward.

  • Personal Life Coaching: existential questions, career decisions and relationships
  • The Self-employment Journey: from dissatisfaction as an employee to self-employed building your successful business
  • The Entrepreneur's Journey: extract yourself from the operational centre of your business so that you can grow it, sell it or devote your time to higher value work or a new business

About Coaching

How I can help you

You'll start to feel more confident and in control about what you want to do, leading to change, progress and achievement.

My role is not to tell you what to do, but to help you to see your situation more clearly. I provide time, space and accountability.

Together we will identify any distortions in your thinking based on incorrect assumptions, beliefs, emotions and automatic thoughts. You'll take time to think about what's really going on, the full range of possibilities available to you and alternative outcomes. We'll talk about anything that might hold you back and resources you can draw on.

As your coach, I’m on your side, but unlike your friends, family and colleagues I won’t collude with you or try to shape your decisions according to my own pre-conceptions of who you are or what’s best for you.

My role is not to tell you what to do, but to create a space in your week for a transformational conversation; to explore what it means to be you in this modern world.
I'll support you to feel clearer and more confident about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT.
I'll support you to take responsibility for your life and for the decisions you choose to take, or not.
Together, we'll be honest about the possibilities open to you and any limiting beliefs holding you back.


Business Coaching and Life Coaching:

  • Space to talk & think without being interrupted
  • Transformational dialogue that opens up new ways of seeing yourself and the world
  • Clarity on a particular issue
  • Understand yourself and others better
  • Feel confident in your decisions and actions
  • Develop insight into your relationships
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication
  • Figure out what’s important to you
  • Create a plan to achieve your dream
  • Accountability for the actions you want to take
  • Better results in your business


When I contacted John I was confused and over-thinking my situation. I didn’t know what to do. He helped me to challenge some of my assumptions and beliefs so that I began to see things in a totally new light. Talking to him helped me to feel more relaxed and in control, and also gave me practical steps to get what I wanted.
My investment with John paid dividends

Tyan (Singapore) Barclays

Everyone should have a coach. When I met John I felt stressed and out of control, trying to run three companies with no time for planning. John helps me to take an objective view of what’s happening and to act strategically rather than emotionally. Now I feel 100% in control. I’m clear about the direction and progress of each business and both our turnover and profits are up.

Morris Tyberg (Brooklyn, New York) CEO, Supreme Capital NY

I reached out to John during a very challenging time in my life. I was unclear about my personal vision and goals. My productivity was poor. John helped me to explore my world view and remember what’s important to me. John’s coaching had a big impact from the very first session. He helped me to regain balance in my personal life so that I could focus back on my goals. I would recommend John to anyone distracted by unhelpful thoughts or emotions.

Adel (Bahrain) Managing Director, Comms&D


Free Consultation

I offer a no-commitment free consultation lasting 45-90 minutes. We’ll discuss your situation in some depth and agree the achievable results you can expect if you work with me. I’ll explain how coaching works and provide some initial coaching.


I commit 100% to my clients and help them to make lasting changes in their lives. If you decide to work with me it’s because you want to transform your life from OK/good to incredible. That requires commitment from both of us, both in terms of time and energy.


I offer a discount for advance bookings of 6 sessions or more. please contact me to find out more about how we might work together.


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I work with people who feel inspired by life’s possibilities and are determined to make the most of this one life. There can be no better investment and no justification for delay.
Contact me now for a free, no-commitment consultation. I will give everything I can to help you.


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+44 7941 6000 51

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“Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not”

For each new client who engages me as a coach I will provide finance to a low-income female entrepreneur in a developing country who is currently unable to access the capital she needs to grow her business. I won't receive any interest on the loan and you can help me to choose the beneficiary if you want to be involved.

I owe most of my success and the things I love about my life to luck. I was born in a rich and stable country with a good education system and plenty of life opportunities. Most other people, and particularly women, around the world were not so lucky, and have to struggle for the things I take for granted. Supporting women's economic development is known to be one of the best ways to support a country's development.

Kiva is an international non-profit, with a mission to connect low-income entrepreneurs with people with capital who want to help them.


“Your loan helped us to buy better bags, labels, a blender and sealer. The higher profits will be reinvested in the business”

‘Las Cafeteras’ (Magda, Rosa, Maria, Patricia & Amada) Coffee Production, Mexico

“Your loan allowed me to buy more stock to increase my income”

Noemi Cosmetics, Bolivia

Your loan helped me to increase my inventory of beauty products and boost sales.

Fatima (27) Cosmetics, Lebanon